I sometimes use contextual filters to display fields matching the content ID from url

In that case , i would like to display a list of content as a view block , except the one that is displayed

It would require to :

  • negate the condition " Content ID from URL contextual filters "


  • being able to choose the 'content id from url' as value of a view filter

I don't know how to do the first option. That token conditions module would do for the second option but is not stable https://www.drupal.org/project/token_conditions

How can i possibly do that then except JS?

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Considering the first option, it is simple :

add a contextual filter of type "ID: Content" with the following configuration :

  • WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT AVAILABLE > provide a default value > content id from url
  • Go all the way down in the "more" section, expand it and check "exclude".
  • Then click apply
  • And save the views

That's it !

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