I have a table "user_connections"

id | uid1 | uid2
1  | 1    | 2
2  | 3    | 1

So, if the current user has uid = 1, then according to my table, he is "connected" to use 2 and 3. So I just want to be able to do something like:

select uid1 from user_connections where uid2 = :currentUserUid

Then pass these uids as a parameter to the view. So that it is ultimately used as a "where in" condition.

Any ideas how to do this? Or what is the best way?

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Make sure you check mark allow multiple values on your contextual filter's "More" settings.

enter image description here

Use hook_views_pre_view to pass your uid's to the arguments (contextual filter).

 * Implements hook_views_pre_view()
function mymodule_views_pre_view(\Drupal\views\ViewExecutable $view, $display_id, array &$args) {

  if ($view->id() == "view_name" && $view->current_display = 'page') {
    $uids = [2, 19]; // hard coded example, you would query db here.
    if (is_array($uids)) {
      $uids = implode('+', $uids);
    $args[0] = $uids;


You will also need to disable the view's caching or add a cache tag if you created one for your other table query.

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