I have enabled the @font-your-face module. Then I'm able to use google fonts in my site. Problem is that the list of fonts in the google directory shows more than 500 fonts: fonts but I just have 300 fonts available.

I need a font called Imprima. Is there any way to include this one in the @font-your-face module.

The module is updated to the last version.

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If you just updated to a new version, have you gone and re-imported all the fonts you need/want (step 2 below)? In D6 at least, the following worked here:

  1. Install module, enable base and google apis.

  2. Go to admin/settings/fontyourface and import google fonts -- 1449 fonts imported

  3. Go to admin/build/themes/fontyourface and click browse -- 58 pages of 25 fonts displayed

and sure enough, Imprima is in there when you search.

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