My content type "Export" has an entity reference to the type "country" (i.e. you assign countries to the export). I wish to do something like the following

$countries = $node->field_exporter_countries['und'][0]['value'];

foreach ($countries as &$value) {
   print $value;


I also tried this. But i get the wrong titles back.

$nodes = entity_load('node', array_keys($countries));
foreach ($nodes as $n) {
  print $n->title;
  print "<br /> ";

According to the entityreference_field_schema() function, the column name for an entity reference field is target_id (not value). That said, to extract the node ids you should probably use something like this:

$nids = array();
foreach ($node->field_exporter_countries[$node->language] as $index => $item) {
  $nids[] = $item['target_id'];

$nodes = entity_load('node', $nids);

// etc...

I don't have Drupal in front of me at the moment so this is pure guestimation, but I think you're actually looking at doing something like the following:

$countries = $node->field_exporter_countries[$node->language];

foreach ($countries as $key => $data) {
  print $data['value'];

Note that I've used $node->language instead of und as a personal preference, but there are other benefits.

  • thanks, i tried you loop but i get not results. I also tried to cast it to node but i get the wrong drupal pages. See above – frosty Apr 17 '12 at 18:01
  • to clarify. if i go count($countries) i get results. So there is data there. – frosty Apr 17 '12 at 18:10

Generally if you have a field, and you want to format its output a certain way, you implement a field formatter.

And if you do implement a new field formatter, Drupal will call hook_field_formatter_view() for you, with $items as a handy array to turn into a renderable array.

  • I don't think the OP ever mentioned displaying fields. A field formatter would be relatively useless if you want to manipulate the data in code. – Chapabu Apr 10 '12 at 20:47
  • 1
    It does kinda say "print($value);" doesn't it? :-) – paul-m Apr 11 '12 at 5:48

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