1. I use the Book module to create books with chapters.
  2. When I use the default twig template node.html.twig to display a book chapter, a section titled "Book traversal links" is included, with links to the previous chapter, the next chapter, and to the book. The debugger says these links come from the book-navigation.html.twig template.
  3. Instead of the default template, I'm using a custom twig template node--chapter.html.twig to display chapters.


How can I get the same book traversal links onto my custom page?


  1. I checked for a block containing the book traversal links that I could just insert in my twig template, but I don't see one.
  2. I have checked the $variables array in the twig template to see if maybe a list of the chapter's siblings is already there, but don't see one.
  3. I'm already using HOOK_preprocess_node(&$variables) to find the book parent book's id, so I can use it to find the chapter's siblings, if that's the way to go.

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