drush_download_file() existed in includes/drush.inc for Drush 8 and below, but this has been removed in Drush 9 as far as I can tell.

Is there a standard way that file downloads should be executed in custom commands written for Drush 9?


With Drush 9 dropping support for the drush dl command, the need for keeping a download function was dropped.

The remnants of drush_download_file() were dropped into the SyncViaHttpCommands.php example class to demonstrate creating a custom a Drush commandfile. You could copy that as a template if you're looking to mimic the old drush_download_file(), or you could use the Guzzle client or some other PHP function; use what works best for your command's download needs.

  • Nice find. Very insightful. Thank you. – JamesWilson Apr 25 at 18:24

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