I'm building a genealogy site. One of the most important use cases is to create an individual. I want to use a single form to capture information that will be used to create up to five nodes after clicking submit. I've done a bunch of research, and found lots of stuff partially represented by the links below, but I haven't found anything that will do this. Can you point me to any modules to that do this? Or will I need to write my own module for this?

New Individual form captures the following fields:

  • Birth Given & Surnames
  • Current checkbox (checked if it's still individual's current name)
  • End date, if not current name
  • Current Given & Surnames - if different from birth
  • Start Date - if applicable
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Place of Death

The form then creates the following five nodes:

  1. Individual node - with Title
  2. Name node for birth name
  3. Name node for current name (if different from birth name)
  4. Event node for birth
  5. Event node for death

Nodes 2-5 would have ER field_individual, to link back to the individual to which they are related.

Below are links to some of the resources I have found which are similar, but do not actually do what I'm looking to do:

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  • Leymannx - Thanks for feedback. I thought I was being specific about asking if there was a module that does what I need, or if I need to build one. Looks like GiorgosK gave me some valuable guidance below. – Erik Britt-Webb Apr 30 at 17:37
  • I would start by looking at hook_entity_presave in a custom module. This will save you quite a lot of grief as you can create or update your referenced nodes at the same as editing the "Individual node" (1). – macjules May 1 at 11:29

I think you will need a custom module to do that

An outline of what your module should be doing

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