I'm changing the content of an HTML field using entity_metadata_wrapper, and I see 3 values, like value, format, and safe_value.

My question is if I have to also edit safe_value or it will be generated dynamically. Thanks

PS: I edited and saved only value then in next load, the other were empty. I went to the node and clicked Save and the safe value was regenerated. Maybe I should call a hook after editing value? Currently I'm using the check_markup function to generate the safe_value from the modified value


Yes. safe_value is derived from value; safe_value contains the results of _text_sanitize() after it applies all the filters you've set on your text field.

It isn't set after a node save; it's set on a field load; the field module loads it via hook_field_load() with its text_field_load() invocation.

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