I'm trying to figure out if I can provide translations to my custom module that are considered part of the "content translation" rather than the "interface translation."

I have a form in my module and some extra text. I've followed all the tutorials and have it working using...

interface translation project: contact
interface translation server pattern: 'modules/custom/contact/translations/%language.po'

However, the translations are only picked up if I allow for "interface translations." What I want is for my form to be translated, but for it to be considered content.

I don't want all the admin toolbar links and everything drupal admin to change languages too. I want my admin to be able to see the custom module's page in spanish, without setting the drupal admin to spanish too.

Is this possible?

  • So you want to translate content entities, but the admin interface should not change the language. See drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/246793/…. – 4k4 May 3 at 19:00
  • That did help. I guess this explains why I can't get the toolbar to remain in english though. I see the patch, but the patch has failed testing. I will watch that issue queue. – xpersonas May 3 at 20:02

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