I have two content types: Content A and Content B

Fields in Content A: Title, Location, Body

Fields in Content B: Title, Type, Location, Body

Location is a vocabulary (Au, Uk, Us, Ca, etc)

Type is an entity reference of Content A inside Content B node.

Content A has a node with information in order: News X, Ca, This is the body of News X

Content B has a node with information in order: John Doe, Content A, ????, This is about John Doe

In this question mark, I want to include Location but only that which is selected in that node of Content A.

Location can be multiple, that is, if Content A node has "location": Ca, Uk then Content B node referenced to Content A will only enlist Ca, Uk out of all other terms in that vocabulary.

I have looked into google, found nothing. Please help.

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For simple displaying of taxonomy term

Assuming your are using entityreference for Drupal 7 the module provides out of the box a field formatter that allows you to display the Rendered entity with a specific view mode

Thus you can display the referenced entity with the taxonomy term included.

Go to the manage display of your Content B and change the format to Rendered entity and choose teaser for the view mode

enter image description here

Go to the manage display of your Content A and modify the teaser view mode and add the taxonomy term field to be displayed.

For more advanced use cases

You might want to try any combination of the following

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