I want to specify a zero taxrate for customers in EU not Belgium. (The zero tax rate exists for Belgium) I found a way to add a taxresolver on product type. That works fine.... Should I create another taxresolver with a higher weight? Now not sure how to specify country (code). This is what I have for producttaxresolver:

public function resolve(TaxZone $zone, OrderItemInterface $order_item, ProfileInterface $customer_profile) {
  $rates = $zone->getRates();
  // Get the purchased entity.
  $item = $order_item->getPurchasedEntity();

  // Get the corresponding product.
  $product = $item->getProduct();
  $product_type = $product->bundle();
  // Take a rate depending on the product type.
  switch ($product_type) {
    case 'cursus':
      $rate_id = 'reduced';

      // The rate for other product type can be resolved using the default tax rate resolver.
      return NULL;

  foreach ($rates as $rate) {
    if ($rate->getId() == $rate_id) {
      return $rate;

I presume $customer_profile should hold the country code. I cannot find an API documentation for Drupal Commerce 2.0 in Drupal 8. Do you have any suggestion?

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