I have 2 instances of the same site built using Drupal. Both need to be translated, and most of the work of the translation has been done on site A and we need to take the translations from site A to site B. Site B will have slightly newer content, but not a lot and a new version of Drupal (both sites are/will be 8.6+).

I can export translation but they're just for the interface, the content is not getting exported. Is there a way to export or send the translations in site A to site B without having to translate everything again one by one in site B?


  • Have you looked into various modules that support content migration, like drupal.org/project/content_export_yaml, drupal.org/project/content_sync, drupal.org/project/cms_content_sync? You could probably set up a permanent automatic "refresh" procedure with Feeds or Migrate modules. – prkos May 6 at 22:10
  • I've seen quite a few modules but most of them don't mention what happens to the translations... Most of the content is already in Site B I just need to send the translations. – Rg14 May 6 at 22:21
  • Translations are content, they're not even different nodes in D8 like they were in D7, so why not try them out and report back? – prkos May 6 at 22:23

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