In Drupal 8... I have a couple instances where I need taxonomies with hierarchy, to be able to search by. But the taxonomy sizes are Large. Generally, the standard Drupal Taxonomy is wonderful. But I, very intentionally, want these two taxonomies to be stripped down because it's causing unnecessary load for the server.

To clarify size - Hierarchical Taxonomy 1 would be: Continent(7) --> Subcontinent(24) --> countries/regions(241) --> states/provinces(4000+)

Hierarchal Taxonomy 2 is, literally, a plant taxonomy, with items at various depths, 5 - 10 levels deep, and totalling at Least 1,000 taxonomy terms.

I know Drupal can handle this.. but with my current resources, this kills database and server space, and chokes the site.

I was looking at trying to understand Nested Sets, but the Taxonomy is often changed as new discoveries modify understanding - and making edits seems to be a weak point to the Nested Set. Maybe I could try adding a lineage column - that would speed up searches, but the terms themselves are still taking up unnecessary space in the database.

Maybe there's a way to have the items sitting in a JSON or XML file, and read on-demand, instead of populating the taxonomy? Not sure how to do this, as I'm only seeing ways to import, not just read. Maybe that's the same thing, but it's a little over my head.

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