I am trying to insert a view inside a view but struggling a bit

I have a view called My Class with all my fields in it, this works fine.

I have a view with a contextual filter called Students Block, (This is using the reference to the my class content type that populates the My Class view) machine name students_block and a BlockView called students_block

I've set up a contextual filter and reference to My Class and again this works as expected when used as a block.

Now I am trying to add the students_block in the middle of the My Class view.

I have set up content hidden ID to expose the NID, and then a global custom text field that has as follows

{{ drupal_view('Students Block', 'students_block', nid) }}

I can't whatever I do get any results, if I remove the nid I do get my original view, and I have tried other blocks as per the examples and that seems to work for me

Can anyone assist please


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