In drupal 7, How do I alter the existing filter? For example, I have a node title as an exposed filter and in hook_search_api_query_alter I want if any node title starts with "c" character brings all the nodes starts with "C" characters.

Below is my code which is adding a new condition, however, I want to update the existing filter condition.

function product_glossary_search_api_query_alter(SearchApiQueryInterface $query) {
  if (arg(0) == 'product-search') { 
    if (isset($_REQUEST['title'])) {
      if (!empty($_REQUEST['title']) && strlen($_REQUEST['title']) == 1) {  
        $char_search = $_REQUEST['title'];
        $query->condition('title', $char_search.'%', 'LIKE');

Output of this alter is as below. enter image description here

Please suggest.

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