i use Drupal 7.64, Entity reference view widget module.

Entity reference view widget module perfect work in Nodes entity. But, I can't make it work with Entityform (when new form create in edit mode).I pass the node nid value through get parameters (www.example.com/eform/submit?node-nid=9670). In views i use context filter Query parametr from URL,but that doesn't work. Help please, how to solve this problem.

with respect, Kanat

  • Can you add more information to your question about your configuration? Do you have an Entity Reference field on your Entityform that is supposed to reference some nodes? Is that supposed to be a single value reference from URL? What is is your Contextual filter configuration? Isn't that module used when you need to select from a list of possible values? If you only have one value in your URL then you don't need the ERVW module? – prkos May 17 at 19:22

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