I have an external API with Doctors data. Every doctor item will have:

  • Title
  • Location ( geolocation address )
  • Opening hours
  • Short description
  • Area of expertise
  • Price range

On my Drupal 8 website, I want to be able to utilize a search of Doctors data that will have filters ( location proximity and zip, some checkboxes, and dropdowns ).

I also want to have a google map view with these filters.

I'm looking for the best approach in the selection of search tools. My current options are:

  • Search API ( i used it before but never with external data )
  • Elastic Search ( still not sure about implementation )
  • Introducing Feeds to import data into Drupal and then use Search API
  • Something else?

I'm open to any suggestion in terms of implementation and tools selection.

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  • 1. Wont do unless you have direct access to db. 2. This is not what you think. 3. While possible, I would consider this bad practice. 4. Custom module utilizing the Form API is the way to go. – No Sssweat May 19 at 8:24

If you have access to the external database credentials, there is a module called views database connector that gives you access to an external database in views.

I think it might be possible to configure a view to search through an external database with that module.

UPDATE: Otherwise you might consider creating a rest export view, there are a ton of guides on how to do that, here is one.

Good luck.

  • Since OP mentioned external API sounds like he doesn't have, direct access, access to any DB credentials. – No Sssweat May 19 at 8:20

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