I am new to these staffs, so it is a little bit confusing for me. Can anyone please tell what does this number just telling us?

enter image description here

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    The term ID. Under the hood, in the DB, this entity ref field uses the term ID as the field value. You won't see any text for this field in the DB. It's only on display where the text gets added. – No Sssweat May 20 at 6:23
  • Thanks, so you mean it's the term ID, right? – Naser Nikzad May 20 at 6:28
  • Right, correct, yes. – No Sssweat May 20 at 6:36
  • Alright, thanks. – Naser Nikzad May 20 at 6:37
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    It looks like you have this figured out. @NoSssweat you should move this down to an answer and accept it so that this comes up as an answered question for future folk. – Francis Yaconiello May 20 at 15:52

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