I want to use a twig filter to resize/crop images in Drupal 8 templates for responsive images, I know I can generate responsive images with Image Style and Responsive Image styles, but that requires too much clicking in 3 different configuration pages.

I would prefer something like:

srcset="{{ image_url|crop(1000, 1000) }} 1000w, {{ image_url|crop(500, 500) }} 
src="{{ image_url|crop(1000, 1000) }}"/>

Or something like LiipImagineBundle https://symfony.com/doc/master/bundles/LiipImagineBundle/basic-usage.html

Does somebody know if it's possible to use it with Drupal 8

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    Use image styles. Changes won’t require code updates. – Kevin May 20 at 12:06

After some research I found this is possible using Image Styles and Twig Tweak

I created 2 image styles scale and crop:

  • scale_crop_1000_1000
  • scale_crop_500_500

It is something like this:

<img srcset="{{ node.field_image.entity.uri.value | image_style('scale_crop_1000_1000') } 1000w, {{ node.field_image.entity.uri.value | image_style('scale_crop_500_500') } 500w",
src="{{ node.field_image.entity.uri.value | image_style('scale_crop_1000_1000') }" /> 

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