I have a Paragraph that when rendered, injects a View. This view is being built and constructed in a preprocess hook in the theme, with arguments injected from a field. The field just lists all the Content Types that are defined.

It is all working, but if I wanted to limit this list to specific content types (like not list Webform, Listing Page) - how can I do that? I tried to make a View to give to the field, but I did not see a straightforward way to do that.

  • I don't think you've described your content type list field enough for someone to answer the question. Is it just a static list of content type names? Are you dynamically retrieving this list? What's wrong with a multi-select text list field that doesn't have your excluded types? – Shawn Conn May 24 at 7:46
  • Right now it is an entity reference field, set to 'Other', and selected 'Content Types'. But within that, there is no way to limit which types you want to allow as options. – Kevin May 24 at 12:45

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