In what table does an entity "foo" get its metadata stored? In Drupal 7, there are tables for all the fields for a content type and the node table had some metadata stored, but most data for a content type were in other tables. I think I understand that configuration is what metadata is required for an entity. But I cannot figure out which tables would store an association between node/100 and user/10. Using breakpoints I'm trying to troubleshoot where in the node object this info resides and try to deduce its definitions to backtrack where metadata like author/owner is stored.


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In Drupal 8 all that stuff is stored as YAML files in your config directory.

If you don't have a custom path to that directory it's usually located in sites/default/files/config...... where .. is a long randomly generated hash key.

There you will find config files for all entities and fields and configuration settings.

EDIT: To get a node's asociation with it's author you'll have to look in the node_field_data table, the UID field there is the author's user ID.

  • Yes, thank you. Running vendor/bin/drush cex I see the dump of all current config. Searching for a string of either "100" or a partial of the UUID for node/100 ("55b1372d-9ec2-4a4d-b878-") returns no such data. Searching the config table for any mention of this node returns no data. There's something in the db to make the association of an instance of a node with its author, and other node metadata?
    – sam452
    May 20, 2019 at 18:25
  • Try to look at my edit
    – user72672
    May 20, 2019 at 18:32

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