I am searching for a way to encrypt images before saving them on server (private folder) and decrypt it when node is rendered for roles that have views permissions.

I found the Encrypted Files module, but it's not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

I installed and configured both the available versions (1.x , 2.x). It seems files are encrypted successfully, but I can see the image when I view a node or in the image preview widget because it seems it can't be decrypted.

How can I use this module? Is there any video guidance? I searched Internet but I didn't find any useful video.

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Actually, I don't see the need to encrypt images as Private files will hide the images from direct access and will be served by Drupal.

You can find more about private files here

Encryption and decryption each time the node is viewed can have serious performance implications.

The only scenario that I would think of having encryption when there is a security concern of direct access to the server and then I will, for sure, not use PHP to do that for me as most Linux systems are providing encryption natively.

Can you share with us your requirements and scenario?

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