I'm still fairly new to Drupal and I've set up a page based on a view. On this page I display Directory Listings from the FileBrowser module which all goes fine and the way I want.

Now the tricky part is that I run this within the Open Social platform. (For the people who don't know Open Social) In Open Social you can join a group and I can select an existing group in the menu.

Now what I want to do is filter every directory listing out connected to a group where this person is not in.

Is this possible with a custom filter criteria? and how do I add these?

  • It might go something like this, based on similar examples where entities are interconnected with ER fields: Add a Relationship for the Group (this goes from your current results to Group), then add another Relationship that goes in reverse from Group to User (it will use the first Relationship), then use User ID Contextual filter that sets default User ID from context, and make it use the second Relationship. – prkos Jun 3 at 18:46

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