I would like to do math on counts of two aggregated fields. In views post render the final results are located under $view->style_plugin->rendered_fields[0] and they are generated by views aggregator plus.

I wrote a foreach loop that iterate through the results like this

 if ($view->id() == 'stuff' && $view->getDisplay()->display['id'] == 'morestuff') {
foreach ($view->result as $id => $row) {
  $value = $view->style_plugin->getField($id,'field_1');
  $value2 = $view->style_plugin->getField($id,'field_2');

And there I am stuck because I don't know how to set a style plugin field value. Maybe I am not supposed to do it there because the hook documentation is confusing about the role of $output as can be seen here and here.

So, how would you do this?

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