I've created a Product Variation Type for all my products, all of which have the following custom fields: Display Title, Subtitle, and Top Rated Product? (boolean checkbox):

enter image description here

When setting up a View to display my Products, I am unable to access any of these fields, regardless of whether I choose "Fields" or "Content" under "Format > Show:". Nothing shows up:

enter image description here

I also can't access any of the display modes I created for Products — not even the default "Cart" display mode shows up here:

enter image description here enter image description here

Am I missing something that's required to get this working properly? I can only choose "Fields", "Product", or "Search Results", and like I said, even when I choose "Fields", I can't find any of the custom fields for my Products.

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It turns out that I had to add a relationship to Product Variation Type in order for those fields to show up. Hope this helps others!

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