Can somebody point out the fault in this snippet for downloading a file entity. I am trying to replace or use existing file dynamically using migrate_plus. When I give a variable it doesn't seems to pass to 'download' plugin. If I hard code the value to 'replace' or 'use existing' it works.

  plugin: default_value
  default_value: "use existing"
  plugin: download
    - '@source_image_url'
    - '@dest_image_uri'
  file_exists: '@file_config_keys'
  plugin: 'entity:file'
migration_dependencies: null
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    What is that a snippet of? I don't see how a .yml file would force a download myself. There just isn't enough information provided to be able to give a response. – Jaypan Jun 5 at 1:49
  • Update the question. I'm trying to download the file using migrate_plus module. The yml file is migrate_plus.migration.mymodulename.yml – wilNev Jun 5 at 7:17
  • Don’t you need a dash for each plugin line? – Kevin Jun 5 at 11:28

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