I have a custom form in D8. Form has managed_file field. I am facing challenge regarding the limit of number of files upload to this field.

I have to make this managed_file field to upload only 3 images.

Can someone help me regarding this?


I can highly recommend DropzoneJS. It is a well maintained project, and will make it not only very easy for you to add a file upload widget with a specified max of files (or unlimited), it also provides a superior UX.

You can grab the module here: https://www.drupal.org/project/dropzonejs

Once you clone down the library from their GitHub repo, and enable the module, adding the form element is fairly straightforward:

$form['files_to_upload'] = [
  '#type' => 'dropzonejs',
  '#title' => 'Add some files!',
  '#description' => 'Add your files here!',
  '#dropzone_description' => 'Drop the files in here, please!',
  '#max_filesize' => '50M',
  '#extensions' => 'png jpg zip',
  '#max_files' => '3',

Which lets you upload 3 files and no more, in this example: example upload form

When you submit, you'll have the temp files available to loop through and add to managed, or do as desired with the data:

xdebug showing submitted values

There's a lot of neat functionalities that I'm not covering here. But, I've never regretted implementing this module, and it should hopefully help you out in your use case!

  • But I can't use dropzonejs module. I have to implement this using managed_file field type. – Pankaj Sachdeva Jun 7 at 6:20

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