Environment Drupal 7.67 civicrm 7.x-5.13.4 GMap Module 7.x-2.11 Location 7.x-3.7 Views 7.x-3.23

What is working I have CiviCRM contact data for organisations which has been successfully geocoded using google I have view in Drupal that can access and display this contact data in a table including company names and latitude and longitude I can display a google map in the contact record in CiviCRM, so I know the Lat & Long is correct

Problem When I change from a table to a gmap format in the view no map is displayed,

View setup

Format Format:GMap | Settings Show:Fields | Settings open Add Fields CiviCRM Website: Website URL (Website) CiviCRM Contacts: Contact ID CiviCRM Contacts: Organization Name (Retailer) CiviCRM Address: Full Street Address (Address) CiviCRM Address: Postal Code (Postcode) CiviCRM Phone Details: Phone (Phone) CiviCRM Tags: Name (Name) CiviCRM Custom: Organisation Fields: LALG Member Benefits (LALG Member Benefits) CiviCRM Address: Latitude (Latitude) CiviCRM Address: Longitude (Longitude)

GMap format settings

Grouping field Nr.1

You may optionally specify a field by which to group the records. Leave blank to not group. Macro [gmap ] Enter a macro. If left unchanged, it takes the default settings from /admin/config/services/gmap. See the documentation on GMap macros. Data Source

Latitude field -> Latitude

Format must be degrees decimal. Longitude field -> Longitude

Format must be degrees decimal. Marker handling

I am also log messages when executing the view:

php Fri 7 Jun - 10:43am Notice: Array to string conversion in strtr() (line... gjw
php Fri 7 Jun - 10:43am Notice: Array to string conversion in strtr() (line... gjw php Fri 7 Jun - 10:43am Notice: Array to string conversion in strtr() line... gjw php Fri 7 Jun -> 10:43am Notice: Array to string conversion in strtr() (line... gjw


Type php Date Friday, 7 June 2019 - 10:43am User gjw Location https://ref.lalg.org.uk/admin/structure/views/view/retailers/edit/retailers?destination=retailers Referrer https://ref.lalg.org.uk/retailers Message Notice: Array to string conversion in strtr() (line 1835 of /var/sites/r/ref.lalg.org.uk/public_html/includes/bootstrap.inc). Severity notice

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There is a good recipe for using leafhttps://civicrm.stackexchange.com/questions/12862/how-to-put-your-civicrm-contacts-on-a-leafleft-map-in-5min if you are happy to slightly switch track. For D7

Also you will get more Civi eyeballs if you post on that channel, and while I appreciate this is a 'drupal' question, more civi folk use drupal than drupal folk use civi ;-). Good luck

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    Thanks Peter, I had seen leaflet map option, my data is UK based, and I am using locale for that which may create some issues. I would prefer google as the mapping source if I can make it work.
    – gjwo
    Jun 8, 2019 at 13:52

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