I'm trying to secure some REST URLs that are present in my ApiController.php so that users with certain privileges can access these REST APIs. I created some users and assigned them with some Roles using the below link:


As you can see, I'm creating roles in Drupal Admin following below steps:

Drupal UI → People → Role → Add New Role // line 4

After that, I added a few permissions in permission.yml:


edit permission:
  title: 'edit permission'

And updated routing file to secure APIs:


  path: '/update'
    _controller: 'ApiController::update'
    _permission: 'edit permission'

This is working fine. i.e. users that have "edit permission" can access URL "/update". But, I don't want to do step on line 4 rather I would like to use some .yaml file to create Roles.


User roles are defined in YML files called user.role.ROLENAME.yml.

Do a config export (drush cex) to get an idea how these files should look like (they will be written to your config/sync directory).

Then create your custom role YML files in my_module/config/install and they will be created when you enable your module (if you took a YML file from config/sync as blueprint, remove the uuid and default_config_hash keys)

The file should look something like this:

langcode: en
status: true
dependencies: {  }
id: my_custom_role
label: My custom role
weight: 1234
is_admin: null
  - 'do fancy stuff'
  • This helped a lot! Thanks – Virtual Jun 13 at 14:47

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