I have a Drupal folder made with command:

git clone --branch 7.x https://git.drupalcode.org/project/drupal.git 

Now I want to update it to the actual version (7.67). When I run

git pull origin 7.x


git pull origin 7.67

Every time I get the 7.68-dev version, not 7.67. What am I doing wrong? I know how to get the specific version with composer, but in this situation I need to get it with git pull command.

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    Did you checkout 7.67 after you pulled the branch down? – Clive Jun 12 '19 at 14:52
  • Thank you for quick reply! It seems it works now perfectly with command git pull origin 7.67 . I found out I was misled by the line about "dev-version" in CHANGELOG.txt. Despite of this line the version was 7.67, not 7.68)) So the problem is fixed)) – VikDru Jun 12 '19 at 15:26

Just to expand on this for future reference:

Releases in git are created as tags. To see the available releases, do the initial pull from the repo, then you can see the available tags with the command:

git tag

To check out the specific release, do:

git checkout [tag-id]

You will see a message about previous head and current head.

Check that you are on the correct tag with:

git status

It should indicate that you are currently in a headless state.

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