How do I query the below SQL query to an external database table from Drupal 8 custom module,

Select Count(requestID) FROM requestDB.request where request.dateCreated >= DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL 30 DAY) and ek_borrowerID = 111;

I have configured the settings.php already. Below is the query I tried to build, but it does not work

$db = Database::getConnection();
    ->fields('request', array('Count(requestID)'))
    ->condition('dateCreated','DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL 30 DAY)', '>=')
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    Did you already check the documentation on count queries? I am pretty sure the fields-section should match with actual database fields and you cannot use expressions in them. – Neograph734 Jun 17 '19 at 19:03

You're not selecting the default database for the new connection.


$select = Database::getConnection('default', 'requestDB')->select('request');
$select->addExpression('Count(requestID)', 'rec_count');
$select->condition('dateCreated','DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL 30 DAY)', '>=');

With this method you dont need to switch back to your original database as this just creates a temporary connection.

Also you need to use addExpression for your count as mentioned by Charles Bamford below

  • I am able to get the count using the addExpression but the dateCreated condition does not return any records. Do you know how I can fetch the last 30 days records? – Akhil Mohandas Jun 19 '19 at 19:12
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    i had to use '<=' and it worked! cheers – Akhil Mohandas Jun 19 '19 at 19:17

You need to use ->addExpression() instead of ->fields()

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