In Drupal 7 from the function called with 'url/to/call/progressbar/update/function' (see below) you would return an array converted to JSON like this:


I cannot find any examples for Drupal 8 and I suspect it's an object rather than an array that gets returned.

Does anyone know how/what to return from the progress bar update function?

The setup for the bar progress indicator would be something like this:

$form['some_item'] = array(
  '#type'  => 'submit',
  '#value' => t('My action'),
  '#ajax'  => array(
    'callback' => 'a_function',
    'wrapper'  => 'ajax-response-goes-here',
    'method'   => 'replace',
    'progress' => array (
      'type'     => 'bar',
      'message'  => 'Starting...',
      'url'      => 'url/to/call/progressbar/update/function',
      'interval' => '1000'

The core example is in FileWidgetAjaxController::progress. You need to return a JSON-encoded associative array with message and percentage keys. For example:

$progress['message'] = t('Uploading... (@current of @total)', ['@current' => format_size($status['bytes_uploaded']), '@total' => format_size($status['bytes_total'])]);
$progress['percentage'] = round(100 * $status['bytes_uploaded'] / $status['bytes_total']);
return new JsonResponse($progress);

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