Not sure if I can explain this right, in any case here it goes... Having issues with rejected e-mail messages from the webform automatic e-mail generation. The messages are being bounced back because it says the message requires a field in the header area not the body. How do I add a token into the header area that is not part of the pre-configured mail message format? The token variable is generated by the user selecting a field in the webform. I've tried to call the token variable using hook_mail_alter into the header on the webform.module but end up making my webform module to not work. When I echo my token it displays correctly but only in the message body of webforms. The form I've created, the users selects between 20 different values and that value selected must be inside the header portion of the e-mail when its generated not in the body. furthermore, it also has to be within the first few lines of the header just following "BCC email" and before the "SEND FROM" email. Assistance much appreciated of modifying the mail header.

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