I created one field for an image and In the field setting, I made allowed number of values to 2 (please find the attached screenshot

enter image description here)

So my question is, how can I add both the images in a different div tag in my page template.

Or, how can I target first and second image in my page template.

  • Welcome to Drupal Answers! Can you please update your question and add the code you are currently using to print this field inside what template exactly? Many thanks – leymannx Jun 22 '19 at 19:09
  • Possible duplicate of Render a node field inside page.html.twig – leymannx Jun 22 '19 at 19:26

There are many ways to achieve this. Given you use a custom or sub-theme you'd follow Twig Template naming conventions and create your own field--node--MYFIELDNAME.html.twig template. And then simply adjust the markup according your needs.

See Classy's field.html.twig for reference and its for-loop you simply can customize:

{% for item in items %}
  <div{{ attributes.addClass(classes, 'field__item') }}>
    {{ item.content }}
{% endfor %}

To target the second item in a multi-value field inside page.html.twig use the following snippet (it starts to count with 0, so that 0 is the first and 1 is the second item).

{{ node.field_MYFIELD.1.value }}
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