I've created my own theme with a child theme and a custom template file so in the parent's template.php file:

 * Implements hook_theme().
function mytheme_theme($existing, $type, $theme, $path) {

  global $theme; //need this to set $theme as the child theme

  $path = is_file( getcwd() .'/'. drupal_get_path('theme', $theme) . '/mytemplate.tpl.php' ) ? $path_to_child : $path;

  return array(
    'my_template' => array(
     'template' => 'mytemplate',
     'render element' => 'my_template',
     'path' => $path,

It works but I feel this is clumsy. Also it doesn't find the new template if I put it in the templates folder. You can see that I've had to do an is_file() to look for the mytemplate.tpl.php file in the child theme.

I want my search order to be as follows:

  • themes/child_theme/templates/mytemplate.tpl.php
  • themes/child_theme/mytemplate.tpl.php
  • themes/parent_theme/templates/mytemplate.tpl.php
  • themes/parent_theme/mytemplate.tpl.php

This already works with page.tpl.php so clearly I'm missing something. Drupal can find page.tpl.php pretty much anywhere I put it. How do I make this work with my own custom template?

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