Say I have 1 content type and 2 media types users can create Content type: Post Media Type: Picture Media type: Movie

How can I create a view that pulls all 3? As far as I can see you can only create views that show content, or media but not both in the same view.

I wasnt to create a feed displaying all 3 types of all users on the site.

  • Which version of Drupal? – CG Monroe Jun 24 at 20:25
  • You can create a relationship to the media from the fields. In advanced add a relationship to the two media fields. – Jdrupal Jun 24 at 20:54
  • there is no relationship between the content and media though. I already checked into that once, But if I create a new View to display content and then go to add a relationship, Media is not one of the options. Just to clarify I want to display all published nodes from Content Type: Post, Media Type: Picture, Media Type: Movie. From ALL users on the site. I could do this on an individual users page using relationships as the User has a relationship to all but there is nothing that connects the posts from everyone. – user1995186 Jun 25 at 14:37

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