I've only got 5 nodes represented in the simplenews_statistics table. This means that only 5 nodes produce anything other than a blank page for statistics.

The code that adds to the simplenews_statistics table is via hook_node_insert

function simplenews_statistics_node_insert($node) {
if ($node->type == 'simplenews') {
// Create corresponding record in {simplenews_statistics} table.
$record = array(
  'nid' => $node->nid,
drupal_write_record('simplenews_statistics', $record);

From my reading this would only happen if I had a content type of 'simplenews' which does happen in 5 cases where we use the newsletter content type. The site mainly uses 'announcements' which has 'Use as simplenews newsletter' in the content type editing.

Therefore I should patch the simplenews_statistics module to check for this value instead?

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