I know drupal config:export:content:type is for exporting a content type. Is there a way to do this for a Paragraph bundle?

drupal config:export:paragraph:type doesn't work/exist.

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Turns out it can be done with the config:export:entity command.

drupal config:export:entity paragraphs_type [PARAGRAPH_TYPE] --module="[YOUR_MODULE]" --optional-config --remove-uuid --remove-config-hash --include-module-dependencies


Does anyone have a Drupal 9 way of doing this now that Drupal console is not moving across to Drupal 9?

  • There are a few open pull requests to make Drupal Console D9 compatible. Also this should have been a comment ;-)
    – Bram
    Commented Oct 18, 2021 at 18:31

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