I am currently working on my personal website that showcases my photos. The location of all images will eventually be shown on a Leaflet map. EXIF data work mostly fine, but I cannot automatically pull lat/lng data from uploaded images, except for the very first image I used for that node type. All nodes of that type published after the first one report: Unable to geocode path-to-filename.jpg.

I am using Drupal 8.7.3 with Geofield 8.x-1.3 and Geocoder 8.x-2.2. 'File' is used as Geocoder plugin, the field is limited to 1 value. I thought I might need a multivalue field, so I deleted it, cleared all caches and created a new geofield with unlimited values. The result however is the same.

Does anyone have an idea what I am missing here?

UPDATE Just for the record: I have now uploaded approx. 35 images, 5 of which had a correct geocoding. The fact that geocoding of the first uploaded image had worked correctly was purely coincidental.

I fail to see a pattern. My camera shoots at up to 7fps. I uploaded two images that were literally taken within the same second. Geocoding works on one of them while it fails on the other. Another shot taken in Northern Europe was automatically geocoded, its GPS coordinates however point to southern Libya. I am going to manually add the GPS data now.

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