I installed the Message module on my site. I created a custom module that created a message when a comment is created.


How to display the parent node or product of a comment with TWIG?

In Drupal tokens, there is no face-up token with the parent entity.

Here is my template for comments :​

 * @file
 * Default theme implementation for message entities.
 * Available variables:
 * - $content: An array of comment items. Use render($content) to print them all, or
 *   print a subset such as render($content['field_example']). Use
 *   hide($content['field_example']) to temporarily suppress the printing of a
 *   given element.
 * - $title: The (sanitized) entity label.
 * - $url: Direct url of the current entity if specified.
 * - $page: Flag for the full page state.
 * - $classes: String of classes that can be used to style contextually through
 *   CSS. It can be manipulated through the variable $classes_array from
 *   preprocess functions. By default the following classes are available, where
 *   the parts enclosed by {} are replaced by the appropriate values:
 *   - entity-{ENTITY_TYPE}
 * Other variables:
 * - $classes_array: Array of html class attribute values. It is flattened
 *   into a string within the variable $classes.
 * @see template_preprocess()
 * @see template_preprocess_message()
 * @see template_process()
<div{{ attributes }}>
<div class="timeline">
  <div class="timeline-icon">
    <a href="{{ drupal_token('message:author:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}" title="{{ drupal_token('message:author:display-name', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}">
      <img src="{{ drupal_token('message:author:user_picture:thumbnail', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}" alt="{{ drupal_token('message:author:user_picture:alt', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}">
  <div class="timeline-content mb-3">
    <div class="card">
      <div class="card-header text-center">
        Nouveau commentaire
      <div class="card-body">
        <div class="card-text">
          <h6>par <a href="{{ drupal_token('message:author:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}" title="{{ drupal_token('message:author:display-name', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}">{{ drupal_token('message:author:display-name', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}</a>, il y a {{ drupal_token('message:created:since', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}</h6>
          {{ content.flag_mark_message }}
      <div class="card-img-top">
        <a href="{{ drupal_token('message:field_comment_reference:entity:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}" title="{{ drupal_token('message:field_comment_reference:entity:cid', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}">
          <img src="/themes/custom/bootstrap_subtheme_front_office/images/comment.jpg?itok=edKIlv1_" alt="image commentaire" typeof="Image" class="img-responsive">
      <div class="card-body">
        <h3 class="card-title mb-0">
          <a href='{{ drupal_token('message:field_comment_reference:entity:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}'>Commentaire N°{{ drupal_token('message:field_comment_reference:entity:cid', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}</a>
        sur le contenu <a href='{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}'>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:title', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}</a>
      <div class="card-footer text-center">
        <small class="text-muted"></small>
          <a class="timeline-link" href='{{ drupal_token('message:field_comment_reference:entity:url', {message: message}, {clear: true}) }}'>
            Voir le commentaire

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