My goal is to replace (by a custom markup) the render array of field_product when some conditions are met. (in a ecommerce site)

Ex: If this is the weekend or if it is after 12pm the field_product must not be rendered (but a markup like "the webshop is closed")

In mymodule_preprocess_node(&$vars) I have tried without success:



$vars['content']['field_product']['#cache']['contexts'][] = 'session';

Unfortunately, it is not working for anonymous users

The only solution I found is:


But as you can see, all the node is un-cached... not the field_product

What is wrong with my code?

Again: this should be uncached for anonymous users


You have to make sure you add #cache data inside of a render array only to render elements (containing #type, #theme or #markup). In other places of a render array it doesn't work.

Where you add cache max-age or contexts inside of an entity doesn't make a difference though, because there is no field level, only entity level caching.

Another problem is page caching for anonymous users. See How do I disable Twig and block cache for a specific module?

  • Thank you, I understand that it is not feasible... I have to invalidate all the node. Thank you!
    – Baud
    Jul 15 '19 at 22:09

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