I'm trying to pull some data into Drupal from a service, via Guzzle. I've got several clients like this working, but the data returned by this service is structured a bit differently:

  pager: [ ],
  row_count: 101,
  data: {
    "794": {
      InventoryID: "794",
      AddressID: "618"
    "2318": {
      InventoryID: "2318",
      AddressID: "536"

A service description like this:

    httpMethod: "GET"
    uri: "current-stock/inventory?_format=json"
    summary: "Gets all current inventory items"
    responseClass: "InventoryList"

    type: "object"
    location: "json"
        location: "json"
        type: "string"
        location: "json"
        type: "string"
    type: "array"
    location: "json"
      "$ref": "InventoryListItem"

...doesn't work, of course, because it targets the top level of the response. Is there a way to define the models so that the contents of the 'data' array are returned, rather than the top level array?

  • I don't understand what you're asking based on the code you provided. Why do you have a service description for a http client? You can do whatever you need to with the response from Guzzle. Feed it into serializer (if you have a normalizer defined). – mradcliffe Jul 17 '19 at 18:43
  • I'm interested in this but I also don't understand the implementation – Ismail Cherri Jul 18 '19 at 13:18
  • I typically use this module when building my clients: drupal.org/project/http_client_manager -- it uses the service description to query the service and parse the response. – WRD Jul 18 '19 at 20:07

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