Title basically. My hook_custom_theme() has been working for ages and I only just realised the admin theme is being served for an error when saving a user form ie. mismatched passwords.

A snippet from the top of my function:

function custom_theme_change_custom_theme() {
    global $top_bar_color;
    $top_bar_color = '#2b3643';
    if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'example.com') !== false) {
        switch (returnRoleForTheme()) {
            case 'old': $th = 'theme_1'; $top_bar_color = '#2b3643'; break;
            case 'young': $th = 'theme_2'; $top_bar_color = '#6dad19'; break;
            case 'kid': $th = 'theme_3'; $top_bar_color = '#6dad19'; break;
    return $th;

Any ideas on how to force the theme like for every other part of the website? Why would this page in particular revert to Adminimal?

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hook_custom_theme()'s documentation says :

The return value of this hook will be used on all pages except those which have a valid per-page or per-section theme set via a theme callback function in hook_menu(); the themes on those pages can only be overridden using hook_menu_alter().

so i guess that what you need here is having your custom rules ina helper function that you call both in hook_custom_theme() and the theme callback of the error page from hook_menu_alter()

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