In Drupal 8.7 I have the Message module.

I deleted the field in a message template and now have an error in the dashboard.

Before I use the command drush entup in the terminal. But this command is no longer recommended.

How can I fix this error ? The Message module is no longer supported and I do not think I find help in the thread of the problems.

Entity/field definitions Mismatched entity and/or field definitions The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions. Message

The message.field_published field needs to be uninstalled.
  • Please read drupal.org/node/3034742 to the end. – leymannx Jul 23 at 12:50
  • @leymannx Thank you I have already read this. But what should I do ? – user94642 Jul 23 at 13:03
  • @leymannx it's not great as a solution. The problem is the Message module? Normally I will not have to do anything. – user94642 Jul 23 at 13:43

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