Render form in Drupal 8.

In modulename.routing.yml


path: '/formpage'


_controller: '\Drupal\modulename\Controller\*Controller::formpage'

Write code in controller.php

public function formpage() {

$form = '';

$form = 'Form Title';

$form .= \Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm('\Drupal\modulename\Form\fp');

return [

  '#type' => 'markup',

  '#markup' => $form,



and write form code in modules\modulename\src\Form\fp.php.

but showing Form Title Array

how to render form.

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First of all why use a _controller if all you need to do is print a form? Instead it should have _form something like this: Drupal\example\Form\DefaultForm in the routing definition.

Here is a simple guide on how to create a form in drupal 8 https://www.valuebound.com/resources/blog/step-by-step-method-to-create-a-custom-form-in-drupal-8

And if you really want to embed a form in a controller response check this out How do I embed a form in a controller response?

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