I'm using Rules to create node from Entityform submission. When I add an action with "Create a new entity", there is only one field ("title" value) available. How can I get the other fields from node type(content type)?

PS: Same issue with webform + webform rules.

- - update: add screenshots with Conditional Rules Setting - -

As you can see the "Create a new entity" only have Title and Author" fields available event I have other field tokens available. enter image description here

enter image description here

  • D7, you could try conditional rules module, and make some conditional with several IF's like: entity has field', if so, you will have avalible in rules whatever you like. – pinueve Jul 24 at 20:13
  • @pinueve I did if "Entity has field" data-selector = "entityform", field value = "body", still nothing come up. – CocoSkin Jul 24 at 20:47
  • imgur.com/vZGMhJq – pinueve Jul 24 at 20:56
  • See updated screenshots. I added if statements and nothing changes on "Create a new entity". Am I missing something? – CocoSkin Jul 25 at 13:53

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