I need your help.

I try to make a custom views filter with a entity reference. I have some problem. I have this message, when I declared :

The handler of this element is defective or missing. The following details are available:

Activating the appropriate module can solve this problem. Otherwise, check if there is an available module update.

I get this message in "Entry report" section :

Message Notice : Undefined variable: items dans Drupal\views\Plugin\views\filter\Broken->buildOptionsForm()

Message Notice : Undefined index: field dans Drupal\views\Plugin\ViewsHandlerManager->getHandler()

Hook implementation:

function module_views_data_alter(array &$data)

  $data['distri_prod_entity_field_data']['distri_id']['filter'] = [

          'id' => 'module_distri_prod_distri_filter'


Filter Class:


namespace Drupal\module\Plugin\view\filter;

use Drupal\module\Helper\DistributeurHelper;
use Drupal\views\Annotation\ViewsFilter;
use Drupal\views\Plugin\views\display\DisplayPluginBase;
use Drupal\views\Plugin\views\filter\ManyToOne;
use Drupal\views\ViewExecutable;

 * Filters by given list of node title options.
 * @ingroup views_filter_handlers
 * @ViewsFilter("module_distri_prod_distri_filter")

class DistriProdDistriFilter extends ManyToOne

  public function init(ViewExecutable $view, DisplayPluginBase $display, array &$options = NULL) {
    parent::init($view, $display, $options);
    $this->valueTitle = t('Allowed related content titles');
    $this->definition['options callback'] = array($this, 'generateOptions');

   * Helper function that generates the options.
   * @return array
  public function generateOptions() {
    return DistributeurHelper::OptionList();


Can you help me?

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