I have purchase request content type.It has a paragraph referenced field.(requested items). User creates a purchase request and another user will be able to add a price for items in comment area.

Comment type has two fields:

  1. Item ( Need to be get from purchase request content)
  2. Price

But I couldn't get items.

What I did ?

  • I've created field to get paragraph reference field (requested items paragraph) at comment area. Reference Method : Views filter by entity reference view.
  • I tried rendered entity it gets all table.
  • I tried only item without quantity - unit. It gets only last item.(In example:battery).
  • I tried many combinations with relationships, contextual filters etc. But I couldn't get any result except the last item of list.

Note: Comment area is a sketch in first image which is the result I want to get.

How can I show content requested items at comment?

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Why people gives a negative vote even if they don't know the answer or they don't want to reply. I'm newbee in drupal and decided to ask comunity. What am I missing ? – Toprak Jul 25 at 14:41
  • Your data model has severe problems: If I got it right, your "Item" paragraphs are referenced by "Purchase request" entities and by "Comment" entities. This will not work, because Paragraphs is using a very strict 1 parent - 1 child relationship. For 1:n or n:m relationships you have to use "normal" entity reference fields, not entity reference revision fields like Paragraphs. – Hudri Jul 25 at 15:08
  • Thanks for kind reply @Hudri. I'll try another model. – Toprak Jul 25 at 15:46

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