Using Drupal 7, The given error appeared when set the views of IDS-Product "Page" revert to default. After that AJAX HTTp 500 error appeared and affect some of my website pages. Error

Error log

  • Is this code you have written? If so, post it here. If not, then you have a module with a bug, and you should open a ticket in the module's issue queue on Drupal.org. – Jaypan Jul 31 at 4:14
  • I didn't write any code. Only update security patches which drupal recommended. after that certain issue arises and on the sequence of fixing those issue this error is appeared. I only click on revert to default when try to setting a filter. After that this problem arise. – alok kumar Jul 31 at 6:47
  • Also found that on disabling a module IDS- FORM ALTER the error is removed but still items in my page not visible and on enabling module again error in occurred. – alok kumar Aug 2 at 6:07

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