I am fairly new to Drupal, and just started working with Drupal 8. I know a table can be generated in Views for the content which is displayed/used somewhere on the site, and a table can also be generated as a "Content" with manual entries in there.

But I have a MySQL table - in a non-Drupal external database. I would like to use the data in that table, and generate a table on my Drupal site using that data, either as a View, or a Content, or something else.

Are there any suggestions on how I can go about doing that?

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There are a couple of solutions to do this.

First one is to convert your data into nodes (content) and then easily show them in Views as a table. (You might achieve this using the Feeds module. Export your table data as CSV and use Feeds to import it as a new content type.)

Second solution is to use the Views Custom Table module.


View custom table module provide you functionality to integrate your custom table data to views, and access all it's column in views. This module use hook_view_data to add custom tables in views. this module provides you following functionalities.

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